How to Create a New Team Share

How to Create a New Team Share

Your administrator might have created team shares for you when the system was first configured, but you can also create your own team shares. You can create a team share if you are collaborating with another person, or group, on a specific set of content. You add files to team shares the same way you add files to standard folders. When you or another user in your team share adds or edits a file or folder, changes synchronize across all subscribed accounts.

In both the web portal and in AXIS CloudSync Folder, team share folders can be recognized by icons with two people on it.

  • Team shares in the web portal:
    hipaa compliant cloud storage


  • Team shares in AXIS CloudSync Folder:
    cloud file sharing


To create a new team share:

  1. In the web portal, click the Shares The Team Shares page displays.
  2. In the Team Shares page, click the Create Team Share
    hipaa compliant file sharing

  The Create Team Share page displays.

  1. In the Create Team Share page, type a descriptive name for the team share in the Team Share Name hipaa business associate agreement


  1. Click the Create button when you are finished. You will be redirected to the Team Share Subscribers
  2. In the Team Share Subscribers page, select a name from the Select a User drop-down menu, and click the Add to Share
    document exchange

The selected user will now be added to the team share.

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