Are You Looking for a HIPAA Complaint Dropbox Alternative

For sensitive information, such as client, patient, and personal documentation that could be harmful in the wrong hands, you need a Dropbox alternative. While Dropbox is an effective and reliable solution in general, it is not perfect for those more important documents and files that could cause damage if stolen. It is more for insensitive information, such as files that are for personal use or that have little importance as a whole. When you want to trust that your files are safe, you are going to need a HIPAA compliant file sync solution. This will give you the total security that you need for those highly important files.

HIPAA compliant file sharing means that the cloud of your choice is as secure as possible. There are minimal risks and the chances of anyone breaking in to steal information is low. In fact, when your file sharing solution is HIPAA compliant, you can trust it with even the most important documents and information. This is what allows hospitals and major organizations to store their files online without worrying about people breaking in to steal anything. This keeps both the business and the clients, patients, consumers, and anyone else involved safe without sacrificing the convenience of cloud storage.

AXIS CloudSync is a HIPAA compliant file sync solution that offers the security, convenience, features, effectiveness, and overall reliability that you need. When looking for a way to share your files through cloud storage, this is an option that you must consider. While it is not necessary when your files are not of a sensitive nature, it is when you have files that must not get into the wrong hands. AXIS can help to keep everyone involved safe without forcing you to sacrifice quality or satisfaction. It is a great Dropbox alternative because it offers everything you need at no cost to your security.

Make sure that you start using AXIS today if you are in search of a HIPAA compliant file sharing solution. This is easy to use and the benefits are extraordinary. If you find that your files are far too important to trust to the less secure cloud storage options, then look into what AXIS has to offer. You might be surprised at the level of security here. This will help you, and everyone connected to you, to stay safe without any concerns, fears, or problems getting in the way at any point.

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