When you edit a file, the system keeps track of each revision. Using the revisions feature in the web portal, you can view – and optionally restore – older versions of files. This feature is useful when you make a mistake editing and saving a file, or if you want to see revisions made by other members of your team share.

How to View and Restore a Revision

When working in the system, you might find it useful to view a list of revisions to a file. In certain circumstances, you might even want to restore an older version of a file.

To view and restore revisions in the web portal:

    1. In the web portal, right-click on a file and select Revisions.
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The Browse File Revisions page displays, listing all revisions of the file.

  • In the Browse File Revisions page, click the Download Revision link to download a previous revision. The file will download, and you can review the previous version.
  • Alternatively, click the Restore Revision link to overwrite the current file with the previous version.
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