How Do I Create and Manage Groups

How Do I Create and Manage Groups

How to Create User Groups

You can organize end users into User Groups to help you manage accounts. When you create a User Group, you select accounts that are included in the group, so that the group acts as a single entity within AXIS Cloud Sync.

For example, when creating Team Shares, you can add one single User Group to the Team Share, rather than selecting and managing separate accounts. Additionally, end users can send individual share links to entire User Groups instead of listing separate accounts as recipients. Ultimately, this feature helps you manage groups of users within one central location.


The benefits of User Groups include:

  • Easily manage a single User Group—rather than multiple accounts—as a subscriber to a Team Share.
  • When adding a User Group to a Team Share, you can optionally define machine subscription settings for the entire User Group.
  • Quickly send individual share links to User Groups, rather than selecting multiple accounts.

To manually create User Groups:

  1. In the Organization navigation menu, select the organization in which you want to create User Groups. The selected organization displays.
  2. Point to the Accounts drop-down tab and select Groups.
    The Groups page displays, listing all of your existing User Groups.
  3. In the Groups page, click the Create Group button.
    The Group Settings page displays, allowing you to configure settings for the new User Group.

    1. In the Organization display field, view the current organization in which the User Group will be created.
    2. In the Group Name field, enter a descriptive name of the User Group. The name will be used as an identifier to help you manage the User Group.
    3. In the Group Members section of the page, select accounts or other User Groups that should be included as members. You can:
      • Use the search box to search for existing User Groups or accounts.
      • Click to expand the Groups section, and use the checkboxes to select existing User Groups. Alternatively, select the top-level  Group checkbox to include all User Groups.
      • Click to expand the Accounts section, and use the checkboxes to select existing accounts. Alternatively, select the top-level Accounts checkbox to include all accounts.
    4. Click the Save button when you are finished. Your new User Group is now available for use within AXIS Cloud Sync.

After you create User Groups, you can add User Groups to Team Shares. End users can also include User Groups when sending individual share links. For more information, please reference the What is a Team Share and Team Shares and Individual Shares Knowledge Base articles.