How Do I Manually Create User Accounts

How Do I Manually Create User Accounts

When creating user accounts, you have the option of adding individual users manually, from an authentication source (such as Active Directory), or through a CSV import. When new user accounts are created, you can optionally turn on automatic email notifications so that end users receive account information and a link to access the web portal.

From the web portal dashboard, end users will see files, folders, and any Team Shares to which they have been subscribed. They will also have the ability to download a desktop client to their local machines, and use it to manage and upload files to the cloud. Users can also download and install tablet or smart phone apps—including apps for Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows Phones—to access their files. They also have the ability to view and manage guest accounts, manage backups, view reports, and so forth.

To manually create user accounts:

  1. In the Organization navigation menu, select the organization in which you want to create the new user account. The selected organization displays.
  2. Click the Accounts tab. The Accounts page displays.
  3. In the Accounts page, click the Create Account button.
    The Account Settings page displays.
  4. In the Account Settings page, enter account details for the new account, including:
    • In the First Name field, enter the user’s first name.
    • In the Last Name field, enter the user’s last name.
    • In the Email field, enter the user’s email address. Each user account must have its own unique email address associated with it.
    • In the Password field, enter password credentials; alternatively, click the Auto-Generate checkbox to allow the system to automatically generate a password for the user. The user will be able to change his or her password.
    • In the Confirm Password field, retype to confirm the password if it was manually typed into the Password field.
    • Use the Password Expires field if you would like to generate a time-sensitive password for the new user account. You can select from 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours. If you do not want to generate a time-sensitive password, leave this drop-down field set to Never.
    • In the Mobile Phone Number field, enter the mobile phone number of the user.
    • Click the Shared Quota checkbox if you want the user to be assigned a shared pool of space within the organization.
    • In the Individual Space Quota field, enter a specific quota for the user if he or she is not part of the shared quota pool for the organization.
    • In the Email User When They Reach field, select a percentage checkbox to indicate if a user should be notified when approaching a certain percentage of his or her quota.
    • Select the Send Welcome Email checkbox to send a welcome email to the user.
    • Select the WebDAV Access checkbox to give the user WebDAV access, which is another way for end users to view and edit files. WebDAV is useful when you do not want local copies of large files being stored on external machines. For more information, please reference the End User Guide.
    • Select the Organization Admin checkbox to give the user administrative privileges. Users should only be given this level of access if they will be conducting administrative tasks within the system.
    • In the Add to Team Shares box, select the Team Shares to which the user should be given access, if any.


  • When you are finished, click the Save button.