How Does AXIS Cloud Sync Handle File Conflicts and Collisions

How Does AXIS Cloud Sync Handle File Conflicts and Collisions

AXIS Cloud Sync has been designed to never lose or erase data that has been synced across agents.

If two synced files are changed simultaneously, the first person to finish uploading their new version will “win.”

AXIS Cloud Sync doesn’t attempt to merge the changes for you. Therefore, any changes made to the same file after it has been updated will also have their changes synced to all computers, but as a “collision version” of the file.

The name of the new file will be the same as the old one but appended with “collision #” and the name of the person/computer responsible. This way, everyone’s changes are preserved and nobody overwrites another person’s work. If you find a collision file in a shared folder, you are going to want to reconcile these changes with your sync partners.