Secure File Transfer

The Safer File Sharing Solution

File sharing is something that we all do. For businesses, however, file sharing is about more than sharing humor, news, or a smile. A business has important information to spread throughout the entire organization. If there is any trouble with the file sharing solution in place, people cannot have the information that they need to work. If there is any trouble with the security of the solution, the worries and concerns are worse. You have to think about what will happen if someone attempts to steal information and you will have to try to manage the risks to your business. AXIS Cloud Sync is a PCI compliant secure file transfer sharing solution that offers the services and security that your business needs.

AXIS Cloud Sync is an FTP replacement that uses the cloud. With so much advancement in cloud technology, you can expect to see some great results with your file sharing. With us, you can share from anywhere, remotely wipe devices, and encrypt information. Having all of this in one can help you to keep your information available without sacrificing security. If you are using it for yourself online, you can move around the world, use different devices, and always have access to the information that you need. For businesses, everyone can get into information as needed. It is a secure file transfer that anyone can rely on for continued excellence.

Security is a major aspect of this. It is much safer than the popular alternatives, offering a secure file transfer that does not put you at risk. With cloud technology, it is imperative that you have a safe set up. When sharing information or when making it available to yourself from anywhere, you want to trust that no one on the outside can get to your information. You want only people who are trusted, who are part of the organization, to have access to your information, or no one at all if this is for you only. If someone steals anything, you could find your finances or business at risk.

We are a PCI compliant file sharing solution that you can trust. You can make use of our services at any point to improve file sharing without worries. When using this for yourself, you can have access to information on the go, wherever you are. When using this for your business, you can give everyone access to information no matter where they are. This is a secure FTP replacement that will help you to share without putting your information at risk.

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