How to Use the Windows Phone App

How to Use the Windows Phone App

If you use a Windows Phone, you can download the AXIS CloudSync Windows Phone app in the Windows Phone store. The Synced Tool app allows you to:

  • View dozens of file types;
  • Generate share links to include in emails;
  • Save files for offline viewing; and
  • Upload photos and videos from your camera roll and photo stream.

To use the AXIS CloudSync Tool Windows Phone app:

  1. In your Windows Phone, press the Synced Tool app icon to launch the AXIS CloudSync Tool app. The Synced Tool login window displays, prompting you to enter your login credentials, including:
  • In the Host field, enter the host of the system (for example,
  • In the User field, enter your username (for example,
  • In the Password field, enter your password.

When you have access to your account, you can use the app to open and view files, manage files, and upload content. For example:

  • Press the Files link to view and manage your files.
  • Press the Favorites link to view a list of your favorite items.
  • Press the Backups link to view a list of your backups.
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